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Range Rules


Range Master for all ranges: Scott Halseth

Range Director: Scott Halseth (734)748-3763
Stage Director: Geffrey Bush  (734)788-9625


  1. Everyone on the range must have Eye and Ear Protection
  2. All guns are considered loaded.
  3. Never aim a gun at or in he direction of another shooter.
  4. All guns will be unloaded with action open, laying on the table with muzzle downrange when any shooter is down range.
  5. Only Practicing Safety Officers may move while shooting and will be wearing their safety officer Hat and I.D.
  6. Keep muzzle so bullet will impact backstop 8 feet or lower if discharged deliberately or accidentally.
  7. Attach targets ONLY to target stands - do NOT use barrels, or other props as target stands.
  8. Never engage steel targets at less than 30 feet distance
  9. Do not damage range property in any way.
  10. Clean up all of your target material and brass before you leave.
  11. 22 rifles only are permitted 
  12. Range hours are from 10AM to 8PM daily.  Regardless of time,  ALL SHOOTING MUST CEASE AT DUSK
  13. You may lose your membership if you violate the range rules.
  14. No drugs or alcohol before or during shooting.
  15. No skeet or trap on pistol ranges.
  16. All members must have and display club ID and Key.
  17. Member is responsible for his guests and should have them under their direct supervision.
  18. Junior shooters are considered guests.
  19. Members can have 2 guest and recognized SO's and RO's can now have 3 guest.
  20. Cold range policy - firearms unloaded always on the Pistol Range!  No CPL on the Pistol Range anytime !.
  21. Look for safe area always in front of Range building on right as you enter range
  22. II)Pistol Range information
  23. A)Hours of use. The range is also closed the day before a match day- 4pm on Friday for IDPA events and 12pm Saturday for USPSA events. See website for details and other closings.
  24. B)Safety
  25. 1)Use good judgment and common sense! 2)While shooting, members and all guests may only shoot while standing still. This rule does not have effect during sanctioned shooting events when shooters are under the supervision of a safety/range officer. Exclusions apply-See SO/RO perks.3)One active shooter in a bay.4)No shooting from the center aisle into a bay.5)All uncased firearms (including dummy guns) must be within the bay walls & pointed down range. No uncased firearms are allowed in the center aisle. Small tables have been built for each bay for this purpose. Tables should be moved into the bay if they have been moved before any firearms can be uncased.6)The pistol range is a “COLD” range. All firearms brought into the range must be unloaded. A CPL unload/load table is provided outside the range for your use. This table is only for the unloading or loading of your carry firearm. It is not available for dry fire practice. Muzzles must always be pointed at the berm behind the table.7)A firearm “Safe Area” is available inside the pistol range gate. There is to be NO handling of ammunition (loose, boxed or in a magazine, speed loader or clip) in this area. This “Safe Area” is for the preparation of your already unloaded firearm, belt/holster and empty magazines. Muzzles must be pointed in a safe direction during handling.
  26. C)Authorized Targets
  27. Clay pigeons are not a approved target on the pistol bay. Do not use them as targets there!
  28. 1)Paper/Cardboard
  29. a)May only be mounted to approved target stands.
  30. b)Must be removed from stands and either taken home or thrown in burn barrels.
  31. 2)Steel
  32. a)May only be shot with non-Magnum caliber handgun ammo through a handgun, certain rifles and also Shotguns using 2 3/4” non-magnum target loads with lead shot #6 or smaller diameter.
  33. b)The minimum distance to shoot at any steel target is 10 yards.
  34. c)Steel targets may not be braced or adjusted so as to keep them from falling or pivoting when hit.
  35. d)Plate racks, Dualing tree and Texas Star. All steel rules listed above apply, except no shotgun shells may be used.
  36. 3)Other
  37. Others targets may be used with the prior authorization of the Range Master.
  38. D)Clean up
  39. 1)Pick up all your trash! Pull all paper or cardboard targets off the target stands and place in steel burn barrels along with all other burnable garbage. Take home that which is not.2)Move all plastic barrels, props, etc. to the side of bays.
  40. E)Sign in sheet
  41. 1)Members with non-members must sign in and out when using the ranges. The sign in sheet will be located inside the breezeway of the club house and inside the gate to the pistol range. Either can be used.
  42. F)Props
  43. 1)Walls, doors, plastic & metal barrels and other range props are not to be shot.
  44. G)Barrels
  45. 1)If you move it, drag it back to the side of the bay when finished.2)Are not target stands and are not to be shot!
  46. H)Berms
  47. No targets are to be located more than half way up the berm, or such that the angle of the shot into any part of the target would hit more than half way up the berm. Muzzle limit signs are posted in each bay and they are not targets either.
  48. I)Burn barrels
  49. 1)For all your trash. Clean up after yourself.2)Only board members, Match directors or certified & club recognized RO/SO’s may set the burn barrels on fire.
  50. J)Allowed firearms
  51. 1)Pistols
  52. a)Non-rifle caliber only.
  53. b)Full auto or simulated automatic fire through the use of a bump fire kit or any other device(s) are prohibited without prior Range Master approval.
  54. 2)Shotguns
  55. a)2 3/4” non-magnum target loads with lead shot #6 or smaller diameter.
  56. b)May be used on steel poppers, 10 yard minimum distance, lead shot only. Steel shot allowed on paper targets.
  57. c)No moving allowed. Exclusions apply-See SO/RO perks.
  58. d)Target placement must ensure that no shot leaves the range.
  59. 3)Rifles and rifle caliber pistols
  60. a)Full automatic fire or simulated automatic fire through the use of a bump fire kit or any other device(s) are prohibited without prior Range Master approval.
  61. b)Rim fire and non-magnum pistol caliber (see list) rifles may be used utilizing the pistol rules.
  62. c)Center fire rifles (of non-pistol caliber listed above) are allowed for limited use on the pistol range. They are restricted to the end bays (#4 & 5) at the north end of the pistol range. Bay 4 is on the west side and bay 5 is on the east side. The bays may be combined to shoot end to end. For consistency and safety, if shooting end to end, please bench rest at the west end of bay 4 and place targets at the east end of bay 5. Shooters will be responsible for blocking off the entrance of bays 4 & 5 with barrels and placing the “High-Powered Rifle In Use” sign at the entrance to those bays and at the entrance to the pistol range. 
  63. d)Only on club specified range sight in days will the center aisle be used.
  64. e)A certified USPSA range officer or certified IDPA safety officer recognized by the club must accompany the center fire rifle or shotgun slug shooter.
  65. f)A list of approved range/safety officers is available on the Association club website.
  66. g)Center fire rifles and rifle caliber pistols (see separate list) may not use the steel targets.
  67. h)Stationary shooting only. Bench rest, standing, kneeling, sitting, prone.
  68. K)Guests and group uses
  69. 1)Members are allowed to have two guests accompany them on the range. Exclusions exist for recognized RO/SO’s.3)Any other use of the range by members including commercial uses must have prior approval from the Range Master. Use of the range is subject to a per person fee of $10/day. Fee is inclusive for use of both range and buildings.3)Member is responsible for all actions of their guests. Only one active shooter is allowed in a bay.
  70. L)Other range rules
  71. 1)Tracer, incendiary rounds or exploding targets are prohibited.2)Alcohol and any drugs are not allowed on the shooting ranges and no one under the influence of either may handle a firearm for any reason while anywhere on Association grounds. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of membership.
  72. M) Safety Officer (SO) and Range Officer (RO) perks.
  73. 1) Qualifications: Association members who are IDPA certified Safety Officers or USPSA certified Range Officers, whose credentials are up to date, and are recognized by the Range Master and either the IDPA or USPSA coordinator. See agreement for detailed list.2)Granted access keys to all facilities (excluding main club house) with acceptance of key holder agreement. All perk keys granted to any RO/SO or others prior to January 1, 2014 are null and void and must be turned into the Key administrator Gary Lewis or to a board member.3)Permitted to have two guests on the range. Although only one active shooter is allowed in the bay.4)Through access to the storage trailer, RO/SO’s are welcome to use any used cardboard targets as well as any unboxed loose pasters (in strips only not in rolls), from the provided box.5)Excluded from Rifle Range requirement to have separate RO/SO oversight.6)May move while shooting pistols and shotguns. May also supervise movement of guest(s) using accepted RO/SO practices
  74. IV)Organized Shooting Events
  75. A)All organized shooting events require approval by the Range Master. The proposal must list the event Match Director. The approved Match Director must be present for the event. This person will be responsible for the safe operation of the event and be the final arbiter for any issues that arise during the operation of the event. This person is also responsible for assuring that participants and spectators follow all range and Association rules.B)All fees collected and receipts for necessary expenditures from the event are due to the Treasurer within 1 week of the event.C)All persons who wish to enter the ranges are required to sign a liability release waiver prior to entering. No waiver, no entrance. D)All persons granted access to the ranges must wear proper eye and hearing protection at all times while on the ranges.
  76. 9 mm
  77. Pistol calibers - Allowed
  78. .17 HMR*
  79. .22 rimfire :short, long, long rifle*
  80. .22 rimfire magnum*
  81. .25 ACP*
  82. 7.62x25 (Tokarev)
  83. .32 ACP*
  84. .32-30 WCF*
  85. .380 ACP*
  86. 9x18 Makarov*
  87. 9x19 (Luger, Parabellum)*
  88. 9x23 (38 Super)*
  89. .357 Magnum (sanctioned events only*)
  90. .357 SIG*
  91. .38-40 WCF
  92. .38 Long Colt
  93. .38 Special*
  94. .40 S&W*
  95. 10mm (sanctioned events only*)
  96. .41 Colt
  97. .41 Magnum
  98. .41 Special (sanctioned events only*)
  99. .44 Henry
  100. .44 Magnum
  101. .44 Special (sanctioned events only*)
  102. .44 S&W Russian
  103. .44 Webley
  104. .44-40
  105. .45 ACP*
  106. .45 Colt (“Long” Colt)
  107. .45 GAP*
  108. .45 S&W Schofield
  109. .45 Super
  110. Pistols chambering shot shells fall under the range shotgun use rules.
  111. Pistol calibers shown with an
  112. asterisk (*) are allowed to be used on steel targets.
  113. Rifle caliber pistols fall under the range rifle use rules.
  114. Rifle calibers - Allowed
  115. All rifle cartridges .308” (7.62mm) and smaller
  116. .35 Remington
  117. .357 Magnum
  118. .38 Long Colt
  119. .44-40
  120. .44 Henry
  121. .44 Magnum
  122. .44 Special
  123. .444 Marlin
  124. .45 Colt (“Long” Colt)
  125. .45 Winchester Magnum
  126. .45-70
  127. Shotguns - Allowed
  128. All gauges, restrictions are: 2 3/4” non-magnum target loads with lead shot #6 or smaller diameter.
  129. Slugs fall under rifle range rules.
  130. Shot diameters larger than #6 require Range Master approval.
  131. Pistol caliber rifles & shot shells allowed to shoot at steel targets.
  132. .17 HMR
  133. .22 rimfire :short, long, long rifle
  134. .22 rimfire magnum
  135. .25 ACP
  136. .32 ACP
  137. .380 ACP
  138. 9x18 Makarov
  139. 9x19 (Luger, Parabellum)
  140. 9x23 (38 Super)
  141. .357 SIG
  142. .38 Special
  143. .40 S&W
  144. .45 ACP
  145. .45 GAP
  146. Above rifles fall under pistol rules.
  147. Shot shells: 2 3/4” non-magnum target loads with lead shot #6 or smaller diameter. Poppers only. Cannot be used on plate rack,Dualing tree or Texas Sta
  148. This list is inclusive. Calibers not listed here are subject to periodic review and revision
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