Welcome to the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club website.  Information on our activities is on the left.  Please feel free to browse.

April 5th work day was a huge success! Thanks to all of the members that showed up and participated. If we did not have a record turnout for the workday it would have to be close ! We had 55 people show up to work and support our club!!!!  Thanks, Wonderful!!!

Please remember that sign in is at the Club house for all events including practice until further notice. Any observers to the events must also sign in and completely agree to the release form. 

2014 Events are posted on the calendar below - please check back for periodic updates.
Club work days are as follows: April 5th and October 4th this is also on the calendar below!
WCRHC will be hosting a Wild Game dinner on May 9th - Tickets are available now only $40.00 ! Contact Jason Pearson, Jim Paynard or Vince Palazzolo if you want to purchase tickets! Let us know if you can help sell some tickets.  This is a much needed fundraiser so please support your Club. Mark your Calendar and do not miss out on the fun!

New Memberships:  Please fill out and return the membership form located on the "Contact Us / Join" tab in the left margin, and follow the instructions - contact wcrhcmain@gmail.com with any questions.  

Members:  If you are a member of the club, a mailing group for members only has been established.  If you're interested, please send your Name and Member Number to wcrhcmain@gmail.com to be validated and added to the mailing group.  

Members:  Volunteers are needed for the Dog Hunts!  Counts as Work Hours!  See the Dog Hunts Page.

Events Calendar

NOTE! - Certain events close the range:
  • IPSC - Range closes at 2 PM on the day before an IPSC match -- RANGE CLOSED DURING MATCH
  • IDPA - Range closes at 4 PM on the day before an IDPA match -- RANGE CLOSED DURING MATCH
  • Hunts - Coon hunting rules prohibit the use of firearms during an event

Scheduled Events